Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eatin' Dogs

After a few more classes discussing favorite foods, I got used to kids saying that dog was their favorite meat, although I'd rather not think about it too much. I doubt you will ever see me trying this delicacy, although I can think of a couple of dogs I've known in my life that I wouldn't have shed a tear over had they ended up in a stir fry.
There are plenty of people here who keep dogs as pets as well. I don't know if they indulge in a little Bowser or not. My assistant is from Northern China and tells me that the folks up there are not so inclined to dine on canine. In the South the people are more eclectic in their carnivorous pursuits, including rat and cat. Two kids claimed to like snake. Heck, even I've eaten rattlesnake. It tastes like alligator.
Now nobody has offered me any of these things to eat here, but I have had some interesting stuff including sea worms, which are really yummy. One of the things that I'm not real thrilled with is steamed chicken, which is the local fave. It's bland, but they also like to get a little work out their chickens before they eat them, so the bird has laid some eggs, gotten laid and run around enough to make them chewy. I prefer duck which is as common as chicken and way better. In fact, I can't figure out why it's so hard to get in the US. KFD could be a big hit.
The three great culinary contributions that the US has managed to insert here is McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and KFC. The only one I have gone to is McD's. It's a little different. None of the workers are fat and they seem to like working there. The Big Mac is more of a Medium Mac, and they have good coffee with free refills. KFC is the most popular, and has burgers, hot dogs (!!??), and fries. Pizza Hut is spendy, and the pizzas I saw through the window looked kind of weird. Maybe some kind of kitty combo.

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  1. Korea: Pizza Hut used squid as a topping, sweet potato as kind of a base, and little packets of sweet pickles as the side. Also, the McD's people were uber-professional, served you everything BEFORE taking your money, and bowed. Also recycled paper cups. Even had a little aesthetic to laying a ketchup packet diagonally across the napkins they laid on your tray.


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