Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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It has been raining at mid day for the last three days. It's also in the mid to high 80's which makes it kind of steamy. I'm good for about 3 showers a day. It really isn't uncomfortable, you just have to resign yourself to sweating a lot.
I work with an English (Welsh, actually) couple. The woman and I sometimes ride the bus together. They are roughly the same age, have a 14 year old son and have lived in China for six years. We spend a lot of time talking about cheese. It's amazing what you might want to eat when you can't readily find it here. I found the good liquor store and mayo. They found an import shop with mustard and real cheese.
Even though I actually prefer the overall cuisine here, it's fun to have something that reminds you of home. Now that I have mustard, I had to make hot dogs for lunch. The local supermarket has fresh baked goods and I found some long rolls to use as buns. They also had some long garlic kielbasa type sausage. Boy howdy, hot dogs!

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