Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heeeeeere's Obama!

Barack Obama is coming to China this week to impart his own brand of Communistic, Nazi, Islamic Fascism on those in power here.  I can't wait to hear Glenn Beck's take on this.
The president might want to take a look at how the government here CONTROLS the banks, which is one of the reasons the economy here did not take an extended dump in the worldwide recession.  They also have spent immediate billions on infrastructure, creating lots of jobs for the laid off factory workers.  I guess you can do that when you aren't doling out bazillions to Wall Street and banks so they can have extra money to lobby Congress for continued deregulation and to give mega bonuses to the same people who drove the world economy off a cliff.
There are already lots of commentaries and articles about this visit. Some are very critical of China for lots of reasons.  However, a lot of the same criticism could be aimed at our own people and government.    The Chinese media are more congenial at this point.   I'm reserving judgement until after the visit.
Since most of the men here smoke, the pres can probably enjoy a couple of cigarettes here with the guys without a lot of grief.