Wednesday, December 23, 2009

End of One Sorry Decade

As this decade limps to a close, I suddenly realize that we moved over here slightly less than a year ago. I really didn't have a solid plan other than to find work teaching. That I succeeded is actually kind of amazing, since I was looking at a rather bleak future of no work at home and an economy spiraling downward.
I'm really not one for New Year's resolutions, but I have been really getting discouraged and depressed by just how truly awful our government is right now. The con men and crooks in charge of Wall Street, the banks, and the insurance industry pretty much are destroying our country in the name of their incredibly evil greed, and our shameless lawmakers are blatantly enabling them to do it.
All the while, the citizens sit back and let it happen with barely a whimper, while they lose their homes, jobs, health, wealth, and liberties. It's a sorry train wreck in action, like Amy Winehouse on a national level. I keep going to the news and blogs online and follow it, but it is making me crazy, so maybe I need to give myself some relief from it. I used to think that being a good citizen meant being informed, but is there such thing as being too informed?
On the plus side, Dave Barry wrote this lovely piece about the last year, which nearly caused me to wet myself and now my outlook is much improved.