Monday, January 11, 2010

Lady Gag

I like the way the Lady Gaga picture got cut off in the earlier post.
It's been coldish here. Most of China is getting a bit of nasty weather which translates into 50's and 60's here. That is downright balmy for this time of year in Oregon, but when the wind is out of the north, the humidity is 70%, and you live in an unheated building with concrete walls and floors, it feels coldish. I have wool socks on, long sleeves and pants and I have to wear real shoes outside. Oh the horror!
Two years ago, China was going through a really harsh winter, and their coal reserve was something like 7 days. That's a little iffy when you are trying to power your country with coal generated electricity, and 1.3 billion people are trying to stay warm. They have been moving at an accelerated pace to remedy this problem as Thomas Friedman points out here. They have noticed that they can't grow at the pace they need by using only coal power, and they are doing something about it. Meanwhile, America expends all its efforts chasing terrorists all over the world with our military and charging it on our Chinese Visa card. Our Congress will be totally dysfunctional in addressing future energy and infrastructure needs, and we will continue our downward spiral toward second rate nationhood.