Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad Craziness

There have been a couple of evil attacks on school children the last couple of days. Both involved knife wielding men attacking primary school kids at their schools. The attack yesterday happened in the small neighboring city of Leizho, where my friend Mike teaches middle school. There were no fatalities, but 5 of the Leizho kids are still in the hospital. Mike works with 3 teachers whose kids were injured. Here and here are some articles. Another attack last month resulted in eight deaths. Justice was swift and harsh. The killer was executed this week.
I wonder what makes a man (they are always men) do something like this? There are very strict gun laws here, so the sickos use knives. In the US, when someone wants to kill a lot of people they almost always use a gun, and usually don't just target children. Maybe the attackers here target kids, since adults could more easily thwart a guy with a knife. Only they can tell us. One thing is certain: They will be dealt with by the authorities in the same swift and merciless way they went after those kids.