Friday, May 21, 2010

Iron Mann Zwei

Some of you may think that all is wonderful here is video pirate land, but it is often fraught with peril.  The other evening, just as "Iron Man II" was premiering in cinemas across the USA, I came home to the family gathered around the teevee getting ready to watch it.  Yarrrrr!  We be sticking it to the man now, all for about 75 cents!  But thar be trouble on the horizon.  This baint wot we was hoping to lay eyes on!  It had the usual Chinese subtitles and substandard picture quality, but it was dubbed in German!  Not a problem for the Chinese viewer, but it was Scheiße for the Americans.  
We can generally trace the path that the pirated videos take to our TV.  Most have  a message that occasionally flashes on the screen, "For your consideration" along with some lawyer weasel words, which means some reviewer or member of the Academy has made some extra dough selling this to a video Jack Sparrow.  They frequently have some Russian Cyrillic writing in the titles, meaning it came through Russia first.  However, some damn German got hold of this first,  dubbed their barbaric tongue onto it,   then placed a non functioning language option menu into the works just to make mock of us.  The Hun pirate has no scruples and no honor, and feels that it is fine to spread their foul product about to spread uncertainty among   discriminating  connoisseurs of ill gotten video art.  No honor among thieves.