Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

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Mid Autumn Festival is coming up this week. We are already eating lots of moon cake. It falls on the full moon, which is Wednesday. It's a genuine traditional holiday, and virtually everyone outside of retail and hospitality industries take the day off. We also get an additional two days off from school, and many get the same thing from work.
But here's the rub:
Most of us have to work on Sunday and next Saturday to make up for the extra two days off! Basically they move your days off around and call them a "holiday". This doesn't seem to bother most people, just us spoiled foreigners. We are planning to go to our favorite beach so we can get a room and enjoy the full moon by the sea. Unfortunately, there is a typhoon coming into the region the day before. The moon may be a little scarce, and the crab shack may blow down again.