Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Day on Gulangyu

Modern Boat People

Welcoming Committee. Actually they are very helpful with the elderly and little ones during the hectic disembarkation.

These crowds can be avoided.

Click the pix for larger picture.
No trip to Xiamen is complete without a trip to the island of Gulangyu. It's a place very unique to China since virtually all vehicles including bicycles are banned. You can read a little about the history here. It's very charming, even during holiday times, when the island is mobbed with thousands of tourists. I'm sure the locals lie low, except for the ones selling stuff. You can buy pearls, Taiwanese cigarettes, dorky hats, seashells, excellent Fujian tea, dried fish, fresh squeezed juice, and all kinds of cheap Chinese souvenirs.
We had a grand time, and look forward to returning at hopefully a more quiet time.

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