Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Hu Goes to Washington

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You might be aware that Hu Jintao has gone to Washington DC to have a chat with Barack Obama and other American Power Rangers. He has been wowing the press with his unscrupulous ways and everybody with a keyboard, microphone, or camera in front of their face has an opinion about just what the heck China is up to and why we are more awesome/sucky than them.
I've been following it pretty closely between lessons, shoe shopping and cool wedding shows and I have a few opinions of my own as to which country sucks more in different categories.
  1. Manufacturing: China rocks, US sucks.
  2. National debt: US rocks, we have way more debt!
  3. Military: US rocks. We spend waaaaaay more on weapons of mass destruction and can totally extend conflicts much better. They have lots more soldiers though.
  4. Internet freedom: China sucks.
  5. Education: China kicks our butts in math, science and reading comprehension, but we are more creative, and our school sports totally rule.
  6. TV: The US is light years ahead of China.
  7. Human Rights: China treats some people very unfairly. So does the US.
  8. Standard of living: USA!!!! Except for those who don't have work, are losing their homes, pensions, or investments. They need to move to China.
  9. Freedom of the Press: US better, but is going mad, so that incoherent ravings are taking the place of facts. The news coverage from the government controlled Chinese press is generally not that different from ABC.
  10. Cool trains: China rocks.
  11. Massive construction projects: China.
  12. Movies: USA!!!!
  13. Banking: US banks are much mightier, so that even our government will do their bidding. Chinese banks are babies that do what they are told.
  14. Mexican Food: Non existent in China!!!!!!!!
  15. Chinese Food: China totally rocks this, but they don't have fortune cookies or that pink sauce you dip the shrimp into.
There are some other things, but you can follow that stuff in the news. When I see some of what is said, I'm not sure these pundits and politicians have any idea what in the world they are talking about, but hey, it's a free country!

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