Friday, January 6, 2012


Since my blogging has been lagging lately I guess I have some ‘splaining to do. I actually have been very busy, but also my life has experienced a bit of an upheaval. Without going into great personal detail inappropriate to such a public venue as a blog, I’ll just say that I am now divorced and had to move to a new place. It was no fun.

I’m OK, though. I intend to stay here in China and work. I also will blog more. Really.

Our new apartment is in a less upscale neighborhood next to a middle school and we are surrounded by teachers and retired teachers. It’s much quieter, and there is a great pianist nearby who gives us lots of lovely music.

Our old place, although in a hi tone neighborhood, was in an older complex. The ground floor garages had been converted to small apartments that were occupied primarily by large extended families of what the locals refer to as “countryside people”. These peasant yahoos have a different type of lifestyle than the other city folk here. They spend much time outside their overcrowded abodes speaking in a tone that could best be described as hollering. They had an old motorbike with a bad muffler, and rambunctious kids who like to play loudly at nap time. They always comforted their screaming babies outside and kept chickens and roosters. I hate roosters, especially at 5 am on my day off. Good riddance, peasants!

The Best Kind of Roosters

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