Monday, May 7, 2012


I teach a small class of high school kids on Saturday nights.  They requested that I teach them some American slang.  I found a couple of good websites that had some pretty comprehensive lists along with the meanings.  I did some cutting, pasting, and editing, along with some extra definitions.  Among the slang words and phrases were the words "gonna" and "gotta".  These are actually taught in English classes in the public schools here, but what isn't taught, and what was also excluded from any slang lists I found was the word "ahmunnah", or "uhmannuh".  As in, "Uhmunnuh have a beer."  Or "Uhmunnuh go to bed".  Or "Ahmunnuh give you a big kiss". It's a common word that I use frequently, except when I speak to my Chinese friends and colleagues, when I have to speak in a form of English that is more comprehensible to them, and I say, "I'm going to....."

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