Sunday, October 13, 2013


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Aging with dignity.

My lower back has been doing nothing but causing me pain and grief since returning to China.  Too many hours of sitting in trains, planes and buses took its toll.  I also moved to a new apartment, I'm spending more time sitting at my desk. And dammit, I'm just getting older!
I went to my old standby pain specialist who delights in tortuous pinches and pokes which provide instant relief once his painful ministrations subside.  Not much help there.  I decided to visit the acupuncturist.
He guided me to a room where I submitted myself to having my pants pulled down to expose half my ass, and then having needles inserted into the tight muscles in my lower back and buns.  
He then attached these to an electrical pulsing current that caused involuntary twitching akin to the dead frog kicking leg experiments in high school biology class.
All the while a four year old girl watched round eyed from the doorway.  She was more than a little frightened, but my hairy white bum had her captivated like a baby deer in the headlights.
I've had this treatment before, and like before it was quite effective at both relaxing my back and relieving the pain.  The cost was 35 RMB or about $5.75.  At that price I think I'll make this a regular thing. 

It's horrifying, but I can't stop watching!

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