Monday, June 9, 2014

No Black Skin!!

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Women here shun the sun.  Fair, pale, and white is the desired skin tone.  Of course in the US, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and countless other places, people love the sun.  They spend lots of time laying about on beaches, around pools, on rooftops, on docks, in boats, browning themselves like a Thanksgiving turkey.


Caucasians generally do not darken easily, but Orientals do, and unless a woman wants to look like a peasant who works on a boat or in the field, she avoids sunlight like a vampire.  The term they use for this affliction is "black skin".  You don't want black skin!!!
Here in the southern part of the country, the sun can be pretty intense, so you see some pretty interesting efforts to stay pale.  The #1 tool is the umbrella.  A lady always has it open when it's sunny, whether on foot, pedaling a bicycle, or riding on the back of a motorbike.  While riding a motorbike, she will be completely covered in gloves, long sleeves, and helmet with face shield.
Most avoid outdoor activities such as tennis or swimming outdoors, and few ever spend extended time on a beach unless she is covered like an Afghan woman in a Taliban village.
I came across this new device in "China Daily" the other day and it appears to be gaining in popularity.  It's called the "face bikini", although it seems to have a pretty generous cut for a bikini.

Not very stylish.  I think they could be a bit more creative. Something like this:

Or this:

The new Chinese beach volleyball team uniforms!

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