Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten Biggest Challenges Facing China 2010

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There are many challenges facing China as they make the rapid ascent from backwater Communist giant to leader of Capitalism in Asia. 2010 brought many challenges to the People here as they make the transition. I thought I would make a compilation of what I consider the the 10 biggest hurdles still facing the folks here.

10. Public Restrooms
China has a reputation with foreign travelers as having what could be considered challenging comfort facilities. Toilets in homes are always clean and sanitary, but when going out into the world you face everything from spotless modern restrooms to an overflowing bucket behind a corrugated tin fence. Some you have to pay to use, and are generally good, You always want to bring toilet paper, though, and if you are really concerned about hygiene, better bring some hand soap.
School restrooms are the biggest surprise. You would think parents would want their kids, the single receptacle of all their expectations and dreams, to have a sanitary place to take care of business. Somehow, the great love for their children does not translate into a fresh place to tinkle. Tinkle is pervasive essence emanating from the open doorways. If they did not have open doorways children would perish from ammonia asphyxiation. Perhaps they keep them in this condition so that blind students do not have trouble finding them.

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