Friday, March 4, 2011

Asian News

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After living in Asia a couple of years, I've started to pay a lot more attention to the news in the region, and I pay less attention to the news back in the US. The news here is more interesting anyway. When you border places like North Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and all those other unusual places the news can be quite thought provoking.
Last month a tour boat sank while anchored in calm waters in Halong Bay in Vietnam, tragically drowning 11 young foreign tourists. The "captain" was 21 years old and the cause was a massive influx of water due to human error.
In India yesterday laid off workers from a steel mill torched a manager in his jeep, taking labor/management relations to an entirely more hellish level.
I often get my daily dose of the happenings in Asia on my phone during the bus ride to work, using Yahoo news, since it has the best service in this part of the world, and since it's based in Singapore, it has more candid coverage of events than we might get from China Daily, although as newspapers go, it doesn't strike me as all that different from USA Today, neither being particularly probing or thought provoking.
Anyway, I do keep up on the news from the US, although spend less and less time following the mind boggling spectacle of the wealthy criminal class going Scott free for destroying much of the economy with their illicit money games, while the rest of the country flails around trying to figure out how put things right.


  1. thanks for your march entries! your writing flows easily, is fun to read, your conclusions are measured and even-handed, you make more sense than most people i talk with every day. sure miss hearing your voice...singing the end to "One Kind Favor"...have fun!

  2. Finally got around to immersing myself in your "Sweet and Sour." Keep up the good work. Enjoyable, fast-paced, irreverent, insightful, inciteful, and often, quite humorous. The "Rape of Nanking" insert was serendipitous b/c I am in that very place in my history class and I will use that www for a quick look inside an event that has been glossed over in many venues. Cheerios from Ashland.... Stephen Jensen


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