Wednesday, February 23, 2011

December Morning

Tai chi by the water
Blossom and Moon

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Sometimes I love the morning commute. I walk through this park every day and at the end of last December it was mild and still. It isn't quiet, since there are several groups of people doing morning Tai chi chuan, and also noisy aerobics with crappy boom boxes. There is also a ballroom dance group too. But it's still lovely.
Later in the morning, after 10 or so, is the nicest time. There are few people, and it's quite peaceful. It's one of the good bird sanctuaries, so you get some nice music, the way God intended.


  1. beautiful! looks like amsterdam's Vonderpark! they do tai-chi in Lithia, but crsppy boom boxes aren't allowed....

  2. Hey now! God can't tell me what music to like!!! (Though I surez do luvz them birds!)


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