Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lucky Birthday!

We were enjoying a nice plate of noodles in the neighborhood noodle place at noon today.  The temperature was in the 90’s with about 50% humidity, which is pretty typical for this time of year, and we were sweating happily under the ceiling fan, slurping up great hand made noodles.  A pregnant woman came in, probably in her 7th or 8th month, and I automatically thought, “Lucky Baby!”.  Lucky Baby, because it would probably be born in August, the 8th month, and 8 is a very lucky number.  It was not by accident that the Beijing Olympics started on August 8, 2008.
I began to wonder if this upcoming kid wasn’t planned to be an August baby.  Believe it or not, there are women here who do their damnedest to have a kid in August, using whatever means available, and willingly enduring a summertime third trimester in sweltering heat, just to make sure that kid has an extra leg up in the fierce, competitive, modern China. 

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