Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super Sized

I don't often eat at McDonald's here.   For the price of one of their meals, I can eat a great Chinese meal in a restaurant, one that tastes way better.  Something that I did notice when I did get a Big Mac Attack, was that the burger, the fries and the drink were all smaller than what you would get in the USA.
The other day, while walking by one of the three McDonald's in our city, we gave in to an urge that we hadn't felt in months, and went in for lunch.  A new item was available in a full meal deal.  They have a deep fried spicy chicken sandwich, and now it is available with bacon and cheese.  Mmmmm bacon! This deal included two London Olympic glasses, fries and drinks.  Much to our surprise the fries and drinks we got were nearly twice as big as those previously offered!  They have gone super size in China.
I have noticed more chubby people in past year.  Our kindergarten is a school for wealthy kids, and we have some chubby ones attending.  When I do the occasional class at one of the more bargain priced schools I see NO fat kids.  It's becoming a condition of the upper classes, and now McDonald's is doing their bit to hasten the expansion of the the middle and upper classes, so to speak.

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