Thursday, March 6, 2014


After a few interesting events, it was time for us to move on from Ipoh to Georgetown.  A water pipe had broken in the ceiling of Kurt's house on a Sunday.  Since it was a Sunday, the Chinese New Year holiday was still in effect, and it was Malaysia, there was no way to get it fixed.  We wanted to leave the next day and didn't want to travel after an extended period of sweating without a shower, so we booked a room for our last night there.  The hotel was no great shakes, other than having good showers.  It also had OK wifi so that we could watch the Super Bowl.
When you are in Asia, the Super Bowl happens on Monday morning due to the fact that the earth is round and Asia is in the future.  It was important that I see it since it involved my team, the Seahawks, who have never won, and generally have kind of sucked most of the years of their existence.  Not any more!  They trounced the Denver Broncos and their stupid orange uniforms in front of the world and made me almost as giddy as if I was back in the USA swilling beer, gorging myself with incredibly unhealthy food, and surrounded by fellow Seahawk fans.
After the game, we left the hotel (completely sober), for the bus station via pirate taxi.  We managed to get a bus that required only a short wait and that took us all the way into Georgetown.  We were dropped off at modern high rise shopping mall, completely clueless as to our location.  I flagged down another one of those thieving bast cab, and for the price of a dinner for a family of four, he took us on a four minute ride to our hotel.  We could have walked had we any idea as to where we were.  
Our hotel was right on the edge of the historic heritage line and had the usual incredibly helpful staff to assist us in all things touristy.
We really liked Georgetown, or at least the historical area.  It is an incredible blend of cultures mixed into a terrific mess of older buildings, all preserved as a UNESCO heritage site.  There are mosques, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, Church of England, as well as countless shops, cafes, and food courts.
Little India was fun.  Of course there was great food and plenty of shopping.  The air was full of incense and there was always a soundtrack happening. Georgetown's Little India is kind of like going to India without the soul crushing poverty and squalor.

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We heart Mohammed!

The jail at Fort Cornwallis
Lowlife sociopathic tourist paying his debt to society.

Cruise ship in my sights.

Captain Francis Light, the founder.  But it's really a likeness of his son.  He was either very ugly, or there were no existing pictures of him.

Government Buildings.  

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