Monday, May 12, 2014

Civic Self Improvement

Our city is trying to improve itself.  This is an effort to attain official recognition as something other than a massive village populated by uncultured peasants.  From time to time, high level officials from the Guangdong government make an inspection of the city.  Their reports determine whether or not Zhanjiang can be classified as a green city, or a tourist city.  It managed to get green city classification recently, but the tourist city status keeps eluding it. That bar is apparently set higher.
Recently there was another official inspection.  Cops were out in force.  Water trucks were constantly spraying the streets.  Street cleaners were working overtime, and there wasn't an illegal sidewalk vendor to be found anywhere.
There are many tactics used in the grand strategy for self improvement.  On the back wall of the nearby middle school these posters appeared.  They are part of the Anti Douche Campaign, a bold effort to get people to behave better.  I could have made an effort to have these translated, but I think for the most part they are self explanatory.  Even illiterate and foreign douches should get it.
Click the image for larger view.
 Don't paint graffiti on the Police. 

 Don't park like an asshole.
 Don't drive like a Chinese person.
 Get out of the street, those are Chinese drivers!

Do not disturb the spirits of your ancestors.

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