Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up in Smoke

Now that the big Michael Phelps "scandal" has blown over, I have to add my 2 yuan's worth. Since the guy was just here just a few months ago, he could have just said he was enjoying the Chinese pastime of smoking tobacco out of a Chinese water pipe. Lots of guys enjoy these gadgets here, from the nice little security dude at our apartment building to taxi drivers. I do have to admit to a double take when I saw a taxi guy pull one out of his trunk and take a quick hit.
I actually think that Phelps, as an athlete, should have been embarrassed about endorsing such diabetes inducing crap as Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops. He is much better off with the shame of Kellogg behind him. I bet there is a Chinese tobacco company that's been trying to contact him.

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