Monday, February 23, 2009

Zombie New Year

New years has been over almost two weeks, but someone forgot to tell the people in the outlying villages. They have some sort of an end of new year celebration that is a lot cooler that the city folks have. We were invited to a party in a village that’s not far from Zhanjiang. It was one of many events in the rural parts of this world. I have to say that they did it in far greater style than in the city.
These are pix of the festivities. They got ready and wound up in the town square, such as it is. It was in the 80’s and a little dusty and very noisy. Lots of drums, explosive ordinance, and trumpets that got my Scottish blood up, since they sounded like bagpipes, or geese getting sucked into a jet engine.
Kids were made up and dressed up and propped up on rolling floats. There was a large contingent of lancer/pole bearers. Gods of every sort, other than Jesus, were paraded. They got to a rolling start in the big open area with a dragon and lions dancing while the kids sweltered in their makeup and silks. They stoically endured while enjoying the honor of sitting on a pole. Once the whole thing got rolling they went around all the narrow streets including the one we were partying on.
We had quite the feast at the friend’s house which I will relate tomorrow.
Click the pix for a bigger image. Excuse the video quality since my camera is a bit dated, but manages to not break so I keep using it.

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