Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The New Year holiday is finally over! The kids are all back in school, which means there is finally some bandwidth for these internet tubes here. Daytime is the time to surf here. Everyone that has a computer is either in school or working. These tubes are slow anyway due to the need for the Dream Police to try to control content.
This also means that I can finally enjoy one of the great pleasures of modern day China, VIDEO PIRACY! There is a great site, Youku, which is a Chinese version of Youtube. You can see all kinds of movies, including ones that are still in the theater. The picture quality is a little poor, but it’s free and has Mandarin subtitles in case you don’t understand English.
Here is the address:
yeah, I know it's in Chinese. It's a Chinese site! Type the movie or show you are interested in in the box at the top and hit enter. I've watched this season of "Weeds", Gran Torino, and even "Pineapple Express". Now that the tubes have cleared up there will be lots more.