Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution was a ten year period lasting from 1966 until Mao's death in 1976. It was an epic effort to create a society of same thinking conformists. The manual for this exercise in mass insanity was Mao's Red Book of fantasy living. It was a brutal and incredibly destructive time. It also was an epic failure in its efforts to create the perfect People's Utopian Collective Hive of Happy Drones.
The people empowered to carry out this insanity were rabid, brainwashed students. These people are now roughly my age. In looking around at my contemporaries here, I see nobody in Mao suits. Everyone has a job, and is doing everything they can to achieve capitalistic financial success. People have cars, TV's, internet, and credit cards. They play Mahjong and seek out hookers. Fashion is in style! Mao's teachings are not taught in school, and he is basically relegated to founding father status.

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If anything says Epic Fail of The Cultural Revolution than the above billboard I don't know what does. It is an advertisement for a local hospital that specializes in sex change operations.