Friday, July 3, 2009


Here was a deserted department store with some really great Chinglish signs. I have no idea why they went out of business.

6 American Weeks

The Chinese government got into some annoying internet meddling recently which included blocking most free blogging sites like blogspot. I managed to make a few entries with a lot of proxy noodling, but couldn't do photos or video. So I will do a bunch of makeup stuff now that I am back in the land of the free internet access.
We are just completing our first full day in Seattle. The day has been sunny and in the 80's. If you had never been here, you would want to move here. If you did this based on today's weather, you would be feeling grimly surprised by Christmas. This is so unlike most of the days here in that it isn't gray, damp and dreary.
Walking down the sidewalk in Jesse's neighbor hood gave me the strange feeling that the place was deserted. Where are the teeming masses? Nobody is staring at me! The cars aren't honking and stay in their lanes and off the sidewalks!
So far I have eaten two hamburgers, pizza and guacamole. I feel fat already.