Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween

October is one of the nicest months in this part of the world.  Daytime highs are somewhere in the low to mid 80's (Farenheit.  For Centigrade see Google)  At night it plunges to the 70's. There is occasional rain, but nothing too heavy.  If I wasn't working all the time, I would love to be traveling the region.  I'm working a lot, as usual.
We are getting ready to introduce Halloween to the tots here at the kindergarten.  It's a completely alien concept, which takes some adjustments for the different cultures.  For one thing, lots of Chinese people believe in ghosts, so the presence of Halloween ghosts could be traumatic.  I think the folks here may have a low tolerance to what constitutes scary stuff.
I was showing the opening scene to "Nightmare Before Christmas" to some teachers.  There was a look of absolute terror on more than a couple of faces.
So this is going to be more of a cute Halloween.  Kind of like this:

We're doing a party here at school, and the kids are supposed to have costumes.  We'll have Trick or Treating with the kids going to different class rooms for treats, and some games.  The principal wanted songs, and it has taken some effort to convince her that there are really no traditional Halloween songs, except for maybe this: