Monday, April 27, 2009

My Country Does Not Torture

Stress positions and Waterboarding, "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" of the Inquisition

I really wanted to keep this blog free of politics, but recent happenings at home won't let me.
The US went through a recent time where we tortured people as an officially sanctioned practice. That was bad. Really bad. The perpetrators can use any excuse they want, but it is illegal and immoral. What really bothers me is that there is a "debate" going on with all sorts of media types, politicians, and citizens that are defending this practice.
I was raised with good Christian values, and good American values. Nazis, Commies, Imperial Japanese, and savage primitive headhunters tortured people. They did it because were evil and they enjoyed it. My parents' generation fought the bad people who did this kind of stuff, and I always thought that if Americans did stuff like this they were the exception-deviants, not good Americans.
I get the feeling in my gut that the people who are defending torture really are just seeing it as a form of justice, rather than a method of getting information. They are just a modern version of the folks that crowded the public squares to watch hangings, beheadings, burnings, crucifixions, and other displays of government savagery.

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