Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Toy

Yali and Tody came home the other evening with a new "toy gun" for 10 year old Tody. Of course some assembly is required. It's a plastic slide action handgun with some kind of sight and a clip. Cute! Dad starts by putting the tiny batteries into the sight. Oh look, it sends out a red dot, like a laser sight! The round plastic pellets go in this spring loaded clip like this. Brian points out that the box says for age 18 and older. Hmmmm. Further inspections shows a safety, and a clip release button. Pull back the lever here. Better point it at the box, this may have some punch. The pellet goes clear through! You could take out a window, a pet mouse or an eye easy with this. Just what a ten year old boy in a crowded city needs!
Honey, did you know this is a high powered pellet gun?
Tody said all his classmates have one.
Honey, I think Tody might have just pulled a fast one on his mother.
I take away the clip. That should make it safe enough for a kid whose gun safety education consists of John Woo movies. Tody, don't point this laser at anyone....10 minute safety lecture concerning lasers and eyes from Marshall and Brian....blah blah blah, Tody. Give the gun to Tody. Immediately there is a red dot moving around on Mom's face. Take the gun away. Take batteries out of the sight. OK, now it's finally kid proof.

Nice toy!

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  1. Are you linking one of my favorite action movies to violence?!


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