Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love that citrus!

My favorite conveyance, the Sanmo.

Dude, my flowers rock!

There are many traditional things to buy at New Year's. Some of the big deal things are tangerine trees, plants and flowers. An intersection near our home is one of the places that vendors set up shop. For blocks, the sidewalks were packed with tangerine and kumquat trees, interspersed with flowers, plants, vases, and other gifts. There were also street food vendors selling roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Of course there were enterprising folks with their bike carts hauling all this booty making some bucks, too.
It was chilly the day we went to check it out. Just a few days before we had three ninety degree sunny days, then the cold moved in from the north and the whole first week of the Spring Festival was stuck in the mid forties. This is not normal here since we are on the same latitude as Havana, but the Himalayas are to the northwest, and it's been mighty cold in the north, so there you have it.