Sunday, February 28, 2010


We bless these good capitalists
Scary bamboo pole fu

I perform the great acrobatics that cannot be seen because of stupid blog limitations!!!!!!*

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The second morning of the New Year brought a great performance to our neighborhood. I’m not sure what the real name of the troupe is, but let’s just call them “The Young Kung Fu and Acrobatic Lions Entertainment Brigade” or TYKFALEB. We saw them last year in a park, and I didn’t have my camera, but I was prepared this time. We live near a big modern shopping mall with luxury apartments above. There are lots of boutiques and clothing stores as well as a supermarket, McDonald’s, movie complex and appliance store. The lion guys went around to all the stores accompanied by drums and cymbals. They made a hellacious racket and apparently brought great luck to all the merchants for this Year of the Tiger, a great year for doing business. They got some bucks for it as well as the soon to be happening performance out front.
While all the hubbub went on inside, the other performers waited outside preparing themselves mentally by smoking cigarettes and drinking Red Bulls. This ritual helps them attain the careful state of mystical concentration necessary for their death defying feats.
After the lions paid the necessary homage to the merchants, the show began with nifty Kung Fu by a couple of young girls and some manly young men. Then the White Lion did his (their) thing on a nifty structure of platforms. It was very acrobatic, and a pretty impressive. Nobody was hurt, and lots of kids of all ages were entertained.
*(I have some good video of this, but cannot load it right now)