Saturday, February 6, 2010

Team Engrish

I am getting to be a busy guy. I'm supposed to be on holiday, but I've only had one real day off since the holidays started. I will continue to give a couple of lessons a week to the preschoolers after the new semester starts again. I'm also going to be teaching a couple of classes in another private school. I like these classes a lot because they are small and intimate, so I get to know all the students, instead of just a few outgoing, outstanding ones. They also pay well.
I've also been able to team up with my old assistant from last year. She had a falling out with our old employer. That is their loss and my gain. We work very well as a team, a very effective teaching unit.
I have my private students, too which pretty much gives me about a six and a half day work week. Fortunately, when students at my school have their monthly exams, I get a few days off from there.
I will get a real holiday the week of the real "Spring Festival/Chinese New Year". The official New Year day is Feb 14, the day of the new moon. There will be a week of intense parties, fireworks, eating, loving, fireworks, drinking, eating, fireworks, friends, family, gift giving, money spending wahoo.
I've been starting to buy decorations. There are a zillion places you can get all kinds of red stuff to decorate with. I'm getting excited. I'm definitely going to be buying some serious ordinance to blow off. You can get some great nukes here, none of that sissy USA stuff. You can cause some serious disabilities with these things. After living here a year, I'm starting to feel a little more Chinese.