Thursday, February 3, 2011


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Last evening we went for a stroll to the local Ground Zero for fireworks. There is a big, open field by the water that is prime fireworks real estate. Instead of an organized display like you get in the US, this is a free for all. Local citizens load up on all kinds of cool ordinance, stake a place out and start blasting away. These are true laissez faire fireworks, free from government interference and nanny state wussiness.
My home town in the US banned all private fireworks last year. I think they still allow sparklers, but they have even banned everything else that is legal in the state of Oregon--Little Roman candles and such. They out nannied a nanny state and there was nary a wimper from the limp wristed, spineless weenies that are all that remain of a once proud populace that once loved a good conflagration on the Nation's birthday.
A strong nation can handle powerful fireworks. They endure third degree burns and missing digits which are the hallmark of a mighty people.

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