Monday, February 7, 2011


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This is a more popular beach outside of the small city of Wuchuan. Since it was a nice day, there were more than a few city folks making the scene. Swimming was definitely a possibility, but nobody was doing more than dipping their feet in the water. Chinese people are real novices to the joy of beach life.
Local fisher folk were plying their trade, oblivious to the gawkers. A group of women were putting away their extensive net system. A boat tows the long net out through the surf, then the ancient bulldozer with a spool on the back helps reel it in with the catch. These folks have been doing something like this in a collective manner for probably thousands of years. Farmers and fisher folk in this region still exist living a more traditional life in and among the modern growth technology. We're lucky that they do. Our food is fresh, local and unprocessed.

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