Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Place Can Be Crowded

"Wo Ma" (Wal Mart)

Blurry phone photo under duress in a mob like situation.

Click da picture to make it bigger
Spring Festival crowds are much worse than Christmas crowds. There are at least 1.3 billion people here and at least half were at Wal Mart today. Getting there was a little thrilling too since everyone who drives has decided to go out and clog the streets with their antics. Intersections become clogged by cars trying to go at the same time. Two lane streets become one lane because drivers become shoppers and park their cars in the street turning two lanes into one. Walking was the optimal mode of transportation. We got off of our bus before a huge traffic clot and left it behind on foot. I believe it eventually made it through. Staying home is an excellent option that few seem to choose.

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